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Diffraction Gratings for Astronomy

Syzygy Optics manufactures high-performance diffraction gratings for astronomy.

Volume Phase Holographic Gratings

Astronomers cannot afford to throw away light.  Volume Phase Holographic  (VPH) gratings can offer a significant performance advantage over other technologies and Syzygy Optics specializes in their optimization for astronomy.  We offer:

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In 2011, Syzygy Optics signed a Carolina Express License Agreement with the University of North Carolina.  The license allows Syzygy to produce Volume Phase Holographic gratings using methods developed in the UNC Goodman Laboratory for Astronomical Instrumentation.

Design and Fabrication capabilities

See our quick reference guide to what we can make, and learn rules of thumb for starting a grating design.

Measuring capabilities

A list of the equipment we have for evaluating gratings.

Photo credit: NASA (Goddard)